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No poker player is perfect.
In your poker career, you’re going to screw up. And it’s going to be a BAD screw up every once in a while. The degree of screw up that I’m referring to isn’t minor. In other words, I’m not talking about blowing one hand in a ring game. I’m not talking about going all in with pocket 4’s early in a tournament.

I’m talking about ignoring bankroll rules and losing 2/3 of your poker money in one night, and then blowing half of the rest consoling yourself. I’m talking about bluffing away your entire stack on the bubble of the biggest live tournament of your life. I’m talking about things that lead to total poker ruination, mentally and financially.

Just remember: Everyone. Screws. Up.

Human beings are emotional creatures; and no matter how robotic, casual, or uncaring we pretend to be at the table, sometimes the emotions take control. Call it tilt, call it whatever you like. But when you wake up the next day, you need to be able to deal with the aftermath:

  1. Relax. Nothing is as bad as it seems, and tormenting yourself is not going to change reality. Take some deep breaths, have a drink of something non-alcoholic. Get a good night’s sleep. Consider taking a couple days off from poker, if that’s at all possible. The next time you have a chance, do something that you enjoy which does NOT involve gambling in any way shape or form.

  2. Take stock. Figure out where you really stand, as far as your bankroll and your future poker opportunities are concerned. Also figure out what further study, discipline, and education you need in order to avoid making the same mistake in the future.

  3. Write out your plan. Put your recovery down in words. If you lost your bankroll, how do you plan to seed a new one? If you blew a great run at a major tournament, how are you going to prepare for the next one? How do you plan to improve your game and your self-control? This is not something that ia true only for poker games. If you play other gambling games, even ones that are light like bingo, you have to pay attention and prepare a detailed plan so you won't find your self with no money left in your pockets.

If you follow these three steps, you’re much more likely to come out of the tunnel as a better poker player.

Bad runs happen, bad beats happen, and they always will. What you have to remember is this simple fact: Poker is played over the long term. What makes a poker player great is how they recover from the bad things so that they can reach the point at which great things happen.

The best way to recapture your game and rebuild your bankroll is by playing in freerolls. Freerolls are poker tournaments that are FREE to enter yet have a real money prize to be won. For a complete list of all open freerolls that you can play in, do a Freeroll Search on our other website.


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